Product Review: Sony Running Headphones

I just got some pretty cool running headphones that I thought I’d review for everyone.  Let me make it clear that I don’t get any affiliate kickbacks for Amazon, Sony, or anything else.  I just enjoy telling people about a great product when I find one.  And since this product relates to the whole theme of The Dynamic  Life, I find it fitting to post here.

I was in need of a new pair of iPod headphones for running.  While my previous headphones had great sound, they didn’t stay in my ear, especially when I began to sweat.  So I needed to step up to something more secure.  After reading reviews on and, I settled on the Sony phones with loop hangers.

I worked out with them in the gym on the first day and ran with them the second, and here’s what I found:

COMFORT: The first couple of times, I had to look in the mirror while I put them on, as they wrap entirely around the ear and were a bit tricky to navigate.  After a couple times, I was able to put them on blindly.  Once on, they are super comfortable and light and I hardly notice that they’re there.  One note is that I’m a 6’0” 200 lb. guy and these fit great on me.  If you’re a smaller person with smaller ears, they may be a little big, but that’s just a guess.

SOUND: One of the reasons I chose these headphones is that the earphones themselves (where the sound comes out) are actually pointed forward and not directly into the ear.  I like this for two reasons.  First, I won’t go deaf.  I think this is a lot safer for the eardrums.  Second, you can hear things happening around you – your running partner talking, cars, etc…  This is a nice convenience and a safety bonus that I love, especially when running early morning in the dark when I need to be aware of my surroundings.  The quality of the sound is crisp and solid.  Not too much bass, but then again, I’m working out, not at a concert – I don’t need too much bass.  I don’t turn the volume all the way up when I work out (or ever for that matter), but I tested it and the max is pretty high!

LOOK: I think they look fine, but then again, I couldn’t care less how my headphones look.  They’re all about function for me.

NEGATIVE: The only thing these headphones lack is an in-wire volume adjuster.  My other headphones have this and I’ve gotten used to it, especially when my iPod is tucked away in my pocket and I can’t easily adjust the volume when I want.

VALUE: I can’t attest to their longevity, but so far so good.  For less than $15, these are a solid buy.

How about everyone else?  Are there other headphones out there that are also great for running?


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