Treat Yourself Like a Prized Racehorse

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If you bought a $1,000,000  race horse, would you feed it soda and chips?

Would you buy it a 500-calorie mocha latte and a buttered croissant for breakfast?

Would you let it party on the weekends and gulp down dozens of beers and other alcoholic beverages?  Then devour a greasy pizza when it got home?

Would you take it to a restaurant and let it eat as much as it wanted until it felt sick?

Would you let it sit around all day without exercising?

Would you let it get only 5 hours of sleep for consecutive nights?

Would you work it so hard that it never had time to rest and recover?

Would you let it worry and stress out about what all the other horses are doing and saying?

No?  Then why do you do these things to yourself?



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3 responses to “Treat Yourself Like a Prized Racehorse

  1. Ted

    Because someone has to pay for the horse’s feed?

    – Lame excuse. But one I hear often.

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