Is Eating Healthily Too Time-Consuming?

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Something quite ironic struck me while Alyssa and I were preparing dinner last night– eating healthily is sometimes a big pain in the ass!  Don’t get me wrong, I love eating well and have no plans to alter course, but sometimes I think it would be so nice and easy to eat like crap.

My fiancé and I have, like many other Americans, gotten into the habit of Friday night pizza nights.  Since we are both very conscious of what we eat, we both exercise regularly (5-7 x per week), and we generally take good care of ourselves, we’ve devised a twist on the classic pizza.  We make our own.

It’s really quite simple, actually.  All it requires is a little shopping ahead of time and a little prep time.  We use Flat Out wraps that you can buy in most American grocery stores.  (If you live outside the U.S., there are plenty of similar products.)  On top of the wraps, we smother homemade marinara sauce made from fresh tomatoes, olive oil, and herbs.  Alyssa usually makes a huge batch of this and freezes several containers, so we have them handy whenever we want.  On top of the sauce, we’ll pile on a whole bunch of fresh veggies.  Lately, our veggie selection includes green peppers, onions or scallions, and mushrooms.  You can obviously put whatever you like on top.  If we feel like a little protein, we’ll put some grilled, sliced chicken on top.  And then, of course, top with a little low-fat shredded mozzarella cheese.  When the pizzas are all made up, we throw them in the oven on our pizza stone for about ten minutes and they come out delicious, healthy, guilt-free, and satisfying.

The only negative, I thought to myself last night, is that it takes a lot more time and effort to make pizzas than it does to order a pie from the local pizza shop.  We spent about 45 minutes prepping the pizza, including cutting vegetables, assembling the pizzas, and cleaning up.   Oh, the regular people who order pizza for delivery have it so much easier!  I really wish sometimes I wasn’t addicted to eating well; I could just order take-out, scarf it down, and throw the remains in the trash.  How easy life would be.

But then I would be a fat, greasy slob.  I would look like crap.  I would feel like crap.  And I would probably develop some sort of disease(s).  So, I guess the 45 minutes we spend making dinner is well worth it.  Plus, an added bonus to making your own meals is that you enjoy them that much more.  It’s quite satisfying to sit down and enjoy a meal that you spent some quality time making.

So, low and behold, we’re going to continue our lifestyle of healthy cooking and eating because it makes us feel well, look well, and gives us great energy.

Have you found that preparing your own meals is as satisfying and rewarding?  Please share…



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4 responses to “Is Eating Healthily Too Time-Consuming?

  1. There are many days that I feel exactly the same way…that it takes alot of time to cook a healthy dinner every night and time is such a luxury. Even though I love to eat and prepare healthy meals at home, there are nights when I make something not so healthy, like frozen pizza, and I round it out with sauteed spinach and fruit. I try to make as much from scratch as I can but when I can’t I try to make it as healthy as possible.

    • thedynamiclife

      Lanette it’s great to hear that you know to round out a pizza with fruit and veggies. The fiber will slow down the digestion of the pizza, which is a great thing. But do yourself a favor and don’t eat any meal that comes in a cardboard box! Frozen pizzas are loaded with preservatives and sodium.

      Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. willowknits

    I jumped over here from Becoming Minimalist. I have to tell you that last night I was thinking that the older I get, the less I enjoy eating in restaurants. My own homemade meals taste so much better and are indeed better for my health and my pocketbook.

    • thedynamiclife

      Thanks for contributing! So true, the more you cook, the more you realize how much healthier and fresher your food is than most restaurant food. And it saves you heaps of the green stuff!

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