Get Out and Exercise Today

“If it weren’t for the fact that the TV set and the refrigerator are so far apart, some of us wouldn’t get any exercise at all.”  ~Joey Adams

Leo Babuata over at Zen Habits wrote a great post about exercise recently that I want to share.  Click on the link to see his post in full, but what he recommends is not to look at physical activity as exercise.  Go outside, play a game, do something fun, run around, enjoy your surroundings.  This will get you moving while having fun.

What strikes me about this extensive list is that none of the activities, with one exception, involves sitting on the couch, watching TV, playing video games, or surfing the Internet.  The one exception is his last activity, which is Wii – although a video game, I guess you can manage to get a decent workout in.  I don’t completely buy it, though – I’d rather do the real sport than simulate it on a video game.  But that’s another story.

All too often these days, our time is taken up by activities that involve prolonged periods of sitting – working a desk job, surfing the Internet, commuting to work, watching television, and so on.  We need to get out more, walk, run, enjoy the outdoors.  Our bodies are not built to sit for ten hours a day.

So check out Leo’s list and let me know what you think.  Enjoy the day…


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  1. Absolutely agree with you and Leo. After tearing my rotor cuff, breaking a foot, collapsing an arch an shredding some toe cartilege in the same year, my rehab workouts became more of a chore than a joy. Even as I healed I just couldn’t get the same sort of fun out of exercise as I once had. 6 months of working out with a broomstick for things like bench press, rows, squats, etc will do that to you!

    My solution was to return to things that I found fun in my youth. I used to love swimming si I started doing that. The workouts became like play time. I almost felt guilty about doing them!

    After 2 years and a 5.25 mile ocean swim later it was time for another change. Why not Kung Fu? Again, it’s more like recess than a chore. And the joy is back!

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