Great Inspiration from Laird Hamilton

Laird Hamilton Surfing Teahupo'o

This is a follow-up to my previous post, which was a quick review of Laird Hamilton’s book, Force of Nature:  Mind, Body, Soul (And, of Course, Surfing).  I usually take some notes when I read a book, especially one as informative and chock full of tips as this one.  So here are my notes, most of which are direct quotes from the book.  Tidbits that I found interesting, motivating, and inspirational…

You determine what is yours and the external world will reflect it back.

If you  cultivate something in your mind, you give it a life.  It’s really that simple.

Your mind has 100% power over your reality.  Whatever you believe, that’s what you are cultivating.

Five Steps to Goal Setting
1.  Visualize – when Michaelangelo worked, he said that he could see the sculpture in the rock before he began to carve and that his job was merely to remove the excess stone.  That’s vision.
2.  Make it Challenging – when you put your mind to something, you can go a lot further than you think.
3.  Improvise Along the Way – if things aren’t going according to plan, take a fresh look at the plan
4.  Accept that there will be obstacles
5.  Allow satisfaction, but keep your edge

When training for sport, you’ll practice your weaknesses until you don’t have any.

Physical exertion causes the brain to grow new nerve cells and prevents memory decline and other cognitive disorders.

I don’t have on-season and off-season training – I’m training for life.

Fun is an ingredient that people often forget in their fitness program.  Put your imagination to work on your daily routine, and watch things change for the better.

To find your passion, look inside.  If you look outward, all you’ll see is what other people are doing.  You’re not other people.

That’s just a taste of what Laird’s book has to offer.  I’m not an affiliate or anything like that.  I just think this book is an excellent all-around resource for any level of athlete.  It’s also a good kick in the pants for anyone looking for some motivation.


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