About The Dynamic Life


What is The Dynamic Life?

The Dynamic Life is a life lived with awareness of one’s self and body that enables one to feel energized and motivated on a daily basis. Key ingredients of a dynamic life are health, nutrition, fitness, and overall wellness. I believe a healthy and prosperous life begins with a healthy and active body. People who live a dynamic life don’t sit still and wait for the world to come to them – they actively pursue their goals and continually strive to better themselves.

What You’ll Find Here

  • Relevant and simple to digest articles on a dynamic body, including fitness, exercise, nutrition, general health, and overall wellness. The range of topics is very wide. I will present relatively well-known topics in a new light, I’ll introduce you to new concepts you’ve probably never heard of, and I’ll point you to various publications and content across the web that I find interesting and inspirational.
  • Expert interviews and posts on the topics above. We will sit down with fitness trainers, nutrition counselors, and professional coaches to gain further insight on their philosophies.
  • Tips on setting and sticking to life-changing goals, motivation, and keeping goals simple, manageable, and attainable.
  • A sprinkling of everything else from travel reviews to book reviews that I find interesting and useful

What You Won’t Find

  • Recommendations of fad diets or the latest celebrity diets. These diets rarely, if ever, work in the long run and many times are even harmful to one’s body. We’ll focus on developing healthy, balanced, lifelong habits instead.
  • An absolute list of what works for everyone. Each person is different and thus each person will have to find the exercise or nutrition plan that works for him or her. There is no one right road to travel in life, and it’s the same with the body.
  • Me preaching about the best and only way to do things. I don’t claim to have all the answers. What I do is offer helpful information that people can choose to use in the manner that suits them best. You may, and probably will, completely disagree with me at times, and that’s great. Let’s make this a back and forth and learn from one another.
  • Impossibly crazy or quick-fix exercise or nutrition regimens that take over your life and leave you drained. I’m all about balance and gradual development of positive habits. There may be some quick-fix solutions that have worked for some people, but that’s not my philosophy.

Enjoy and remember to contribute and leave feedback!