Re-Commit To Your 2010 Goals Right Now

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How’s everyone doing with their New Year’s goals? On track? Have you even begun yet? If not, there’s no better time than the present.

We’re nearly two weeks into the New Year and it’s not too soon to give yourself a little assessment. After all, according to Leo Babauta at Zen Habits, enthusiasm for most New Year’s Resolutions fades within weeks.

Today’s post focuses on living purposefully and being mindful of your goals and habit-forming. The achievement of any goal requires intention, purpose, and action. Take a few minutes to review your New Year’s Resolution list and be sure you still have strong intentions for your goals. If the intention is still there, be sure to focus on your intentions. Next, make sure your intentions have a purpose. Why are you pursuing these particular goals? Are they purposeful or are they just arbitrary castles in the sky? Once you are clear on your intentions and purpose, the final step is action. Goals will not achieve themselves! You need to act daily on your intentions in order to achieve your desired results.

After doing the above exercise, there’s no problem with tweaking your list of goals. You can eliminate some that no longer serve a purpose to you, you can downsize some goals based on some newly discovered information, or you can make some goals more ambitious. The aim is to make sure your list of goals is a living, organic list that has more value than the piece of paper (or set of pixels) on which it is written.

Once you’ve re-mastered your list of goals, do one thing today that will get you closer to achieving each and every one of your goals. Even if it’s the smallest thing such as ordering a particular book, get it done today. The feeling of accomplishment you will gain will give you the momentum to do the same tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day…

Now, after you leave a comment below, go find your goals list and have at it!

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  1. Many resolutions fail because the miss all 3 important elements you have stated here. Though having an intention and purpose takes some kind of realization, it is worth if we derive it for ourselves. 🙂

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